Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3

Today's prompt: Define 'FREEDOM'

Websters has 17 definitions for the word. Seventeen!
So how do I define 'Freedom'?

With these pictures:
Because of these brave: (This is our Honor wall at my house)
And these brave:
And they were proudly honored Monday by these students and many citizens:

And finished by playing Taps on the hill.

Teen is the far one on the left. His friend John was the first player and my son was the echo. We were so proud of him. My heart swelled until the tears fell from my eyes that day. I cried not only because of the pride I had for my son, but also for what so many have done for us.


Vonnie said...

Nice post Stacy. Thanks for the pictures. It's great that you honor your family who served, in your home. Speaks volumes to your sons.

Chris said...

I always get choked up at Memorial Day services - especially when they play "Arlington". You're raising your boyz to be fine young men. :)