Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21

Today's Prompt: What was the worst job you ever had?

I would have to say that I pretty much liked the jobs I have had and each served a purpose at the time. If I had to pick though it would hands down be when I tended bar. And it wasn't because of the atmosphere or the customers, it was the boss.

You see once upon a time when I tended bar I was about 120# soaking wet. So were all of the other bar tenders/cocktail waitresses. We were required to wear short short skirts and high high heels with low cut tops (get the picture?).

Not only that but Paul (the boss) had OCD and a black permanent marker. When we would leave each night there was a list of things that had to be done. I am all for cleaning the place, I mean we are serving food and drinks right? But he went to the extreme in the clean.

See after we left each night at say 3:00 am, he would come in at 7:00 am and go through the whole restaurant bar with his black permanent marker. He would check the sinks, counters, floors, bathrooms, etc for any sign of dirt and then take his big black permanent marker and circle it. Even water marks are unacceptable so if he looked in one of the sinks and there were water marks, he would circle them with the marker. Then he would call us when he was done and we would have to go in and scrub the marker off of where ever he put it.

Other than that it wasn't a bad place to work and the people I worked with were great. In fact I am still friends with a few of them 20 years later.

What was your worst job? And why?



Crystal said...

Fast food. Desperate for a job to live on and help put my husband through college, I ended up at a local fast food chain (I admit, after exhausting all other possibilities at the time). Now, I learned a lot from that job because it was the first time I officially became a supervisor and I had to learn what motivates teenagers (*sigh* which is pretty much nothing when it comes to fast food). However, people are more incredibly rude and violent than I ever thought possible for the dumbest things ever. I would never dream of screaming at someone over a mistake or shaking my fists in someone's face, but people get THAT UPSET over a cheeseburger with the wrong topping. No questions asked or even a chance to correct it...just screaming and threatening.

I could go on and on about the things that go on behind the scenes and what makes the job easy or hard, but that would take all day. Basically, I hated that job because of those customers who choose to believe that anyone who works a job that is beneath their level should be treated like someone who is beneath them.

Vonnie said...

I loaded turkeys on semis once for a local farmer. A bunch of us local kids donned dust masks and had poles with a hook on the end.The goal was to herd the turkeys into an enclosed area and then use the pole to hook their legs and grab them.

Hot, dusty and loud. I thank you God for not having THAT as my life vocation!

Tom said...

I had fun my teenage years when I worked at McD's. Worst job I ever had was delivering lost luggage from the airport to the passenger's home. It was a lot of miles on the car and the passenger was always ticked off. Really can't blame them though.