Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29

Today's Prompt: In what ways have you become 'green' in the past few years? Do you think that it has made a difference?

I really can't think of anything that I have done to become greener. Perhaps keep the a/c set a little higher and the heat set a little lower. I try to keep lights/tv's off when not being used. And not run the water while we are brushing our teeth. Other than those few things, I can't think of anything major we have done. How about you?



Tracie said...

I bought the cloth grocery bags to take with me when we do a major shopping trip vs the platic bags. & I have to say I really like them. They pack nice.

Becca said...

We do cloth bags.
Recycle more.
Reuse more.
Wear everything out before we get rid of it.
Keep our car tuned up.

Anonymous said...

Recycle cans, glass, aluminum, plastic bags, newspaper, etc.


Jen said...

We've planted 4 trees in the past year...
We recycle *some* of what we use - not nearly enough though.