Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12

Busy, busy day today.

First we have the church work day and clean up in the morning. While I am doing that, the older two have to be at church for their final training session for their mission trip (tell you more about that soon).

Then Little S has a T-Ball game at 11. They are so darn cute at this age. Just learning, confused, trying too hard, not trying enough, watching clouds and airplanes instead of the ball, picking daisy's, etc.

Next up is the graduation party for Teen's girlfriend. She is actually having 2 as her parents are divorced and cannot be in the same room with each other. I find that very sad. I think that when it comes to kids with divorced parents, the parents should find some way to work things out that they can at least be in the same room together. I know it doesn't happen that way, just wish it could.

Finally we are having a picnic at the church this evening to get to know a prospective pastor. The church board is interviewing him at 4, while I watch 4 of his 5 boys. After the interview at 5ish, we are having a picnic to get to know him and be able to ask questions ourselves before any final decisions are made.

As a mother of 3 boyz myself, if they can handle 5 of them, they have my vote! :)

Hope your day isn't as busy as ours and you can relax and enjoy!


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