Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26

The boys (and the youth group) have made it to Sioux City, IA for the night. They stopped at the entry of each state and took a group pic around the state sign.

Not sure if I mentioned it earlier but both of the youth directors (& wives) had babies last year. One will be a year old next week and one will be a year next month. The babies are on the trip as well. The one youth directors wife's parents are following behind in their own truck and will be taking care of the babies while they are all working. Anyhow, when I talked to the boyz, they said the babies did great. They rode all that way and never got cranky or fussy until the last half hour of the trip. I am so thankful for that as I am not sure how a van full of teens would have handled a crying baby for many many miles.

Thank you all for your prayers. They have another 9 hours tomorrow to get to their final destination of Rapid City, SD. Please continue to keep all of them in your prayers.


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