Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23

Today's Prompt was actually an assignment of sorts and I didn't have a chance to do what they asked so I am going to just share some pics from Monday.

Monday Tween and Little S and I went to our friend H's house. H has 2 kids and then our other friend K came over with her 3 kids. While us adults planned VBS and our Jr Youth schedule, the kids swam in the in ground heated pool. Teen and the GF came over a little later after he was done with class.

I actually took almost 300 pictures that day. Some were great action shots and others were blurred. I also caught a good cameo or two. Here is a pic of each of the boyz from that day.
This is Little S coming down the slide:
The older kids were getting crazy. They put the floating mattresses out in the middle and tried to jump on them from the diving board and stand up. This is Tween trying his best to stay up:
This is Teen trying the same move and making some goofy face:
The kids had a blast and we got a little accomplished. Not much, but a little.

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