Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18

Today's Prompt: What's the one food you feel like you couldn't live without? What's the one food you'd rather die than put in your mouth?

I probably couldn't live with out bread. I was just thinking this morning about that Dr. Gott's diet. No sugar, No flour. I could probably live without the sugar. But there is no way I could live without flour. I love breads.

There are probably a lot of things I would rather die than eat. Deer meat, Squid, Escargot, Caviar, Squirrel. I could go on forever. From the looks of my list though I am thinking it's a good thing I am middle class. I couldn't eat off of the land and I couldn't eat that high class stuff

What about you?



Vonnie said...

Oh I so agree on the things you couldn't put in your mouth list! i would have made a TERRIBLE pioneer woman!

Becca said...

I like your lists...bread, omg, do I love bread!

Dory said...

Potato, in any form. Could not live without them. Ok, well I guess I could but sure wouldn't want to!!