Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9

I started reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich this summer when we joined the library. I read through books 1-3 pretty quickly and then I started working. It took me almost a month to get through book 4 between work and the kids fall activities getting started.

Then I found out that I can borrow books on tape from the library. My new job is about a 20-30 minute drive depending on the traffic and time of day. I love that I can now listen to a book in about 2 weeks, just when they are due back to the library.

This also gives me a little down time and relaxation before I get in the door from work and all the chaos starts.

I am so glad that Teen can now drive as he has been a great help in getting the other two where they need to be if I am running late or Hubby gets called out or has something else going on that night. I sure am going to miss that next fall when he is gone off to college.

The boys got their report cards this week as well and have all done really great. I am so proud of the work that they do in school.



Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

I read that series... Book 4 and Plum lucky were my favorites... of course, there are aLOT more Grandma cracks me UP!

Chris said...

This is something I should do w/ my 30min commute each way. But then when would I be able to sing "Roxanne" at the top of my lungs?