Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29

Finally an extended warranty that pays off. Thank you Best Buy!

In August 2008 I got a new computer. At that time my dad got the 3 year extended warranty on it. He had problems with a computer once and he was able to get a complete replacement when they were unable to repair it.

I have always been a little leery of extended warranties as many times they seem like nothing but a racket. You pay a little extra and then when something happens, there is always some excuse as to why this or that isn't covered.

In August of this year, I started to have some problems with the computer. I took it over to Best Buy and they stated at that time that it was a software problem. That I would need to get the restore disc's from Dell, back up all of my information and then restore the computer back to factory settings. They offered to handle all of this for me, but naturally it was for a price.

Since I wasn't working at the time, I had a friend back everything up and then I restored it. But something still wasn't quite right. It was still slow and locked up at times, but I blamed it on a slow internet connection.

Then about a month ago, I shut it down and when I tried to bring it back up, it would come up to the "Safe Mode" settings but as soon as you would pick a setting, the screen would go black. I finally got it to come up and told everyone not to turn it off and to limit using it until I could figure out what was wrong with it.

Well, last Monday, Hubby came home at lunch time and it was locked up. He didn't remember anything about not shutting it off and once it was off, it was done. It wouldn't come back on at all.

I took it back to Best Buy and they determined that the Hard Drive went out in it. Unfortunately they were unable to recover any of my information, but on the bright side, I have everything up until 3 months ago.

I picked it back up today and I am so impressed with how fast this computer is and all that I can now do on it. I forgot what it was like when I got it brand new.

Thanks Tony for getting the extended warranty and thanks Best Buy for honoring it and fixing it so quickly.


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