Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18

First off I want to say that the Robotics Team made it to Alabama. They had a slight delay as the bus radiator blew but they were able to make a temporary fix so they could get back on the road and to the hotel. After dropping the kids off there the driver took the bus over for repairs so they could make it back home.

Tonight my niece and I went to card making class at my church. It is a small group of us girls who like to get together and make greeting cards and such. We always have a nice time and great conversations as well.

I have always loved to have conversations with my kids in the car. Sometimes though when I pick up Madison she is quiet in the car and other times she is a little chatter box.

Tonight we were talking away and she called someone a 'd-bag'. I looked over and asked her if her mother allowed her to talk like that and she said she didn't even realize it was a bad word.

So we were laughing about it and then I asked her if she even knew what that word meant. To which she replied that she had no clue. And the whole time she is laughing and giggling. I thought she maybe knew but didn't want to tell me she did.

But I soon realized that I was used to boys and they don't giggle when they are embarrassed or confused. My boys look at me with a blank expression on their faces and wait for me to tell them the answer. We have talked about everything from books to sex and they never seem to blink an eye.

So I then proceeded to explain when the word really meant and I think if I could have seen her face in the light she would have been 15 shades of red.

I am pretty sure it will be a while before she uses that term

I am so very thankful for my boyz, but hanging with my niece sometimes is so much fun.


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