Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 6

We went to YSU today for our first college visit. All I can say is so many things have changed since I was in college and yet surprisingly so many things are the same.

Some of the things that are the same are the dorms. Dorms will always be small cramped little places that they shove too many kids who are then forced to share a community bathroom. One of the biggest differences I noticed was the As soon as you stepped onto the floor you could tell if it was a girl floor or a guy floor. Blecht..guys just smell!

On the other hand, when I was in college the dorms were either for guys or for girls. There was one co-ed dorm but it was for upper class men and separated by two different wings. The dorms there were mostly co-ed by floor and they were allowed on each others floors at anytime.

We had restrictions on our visitors and they had to be out by a certain other words we had a curfew. The rule now is that you can not have a visitor spend the night more than 3 nights in a row....Ummmm...Hello?!?! How about NO overnight guests? Guess I am asking too much for 2010.

And the dorms now have FREE laundry. Boy would my Mum have appreciated that. I remember coming home with baskets and baskets of dirty laundry. (btw - thanks Mum for doing all that laundry when I came home)

This school seems more dedicated to helping the students succeed as well. They have plenty of resources for all the students whatever their need may be. They are able to get tutoring with almost any class for free. Even if you just want to have someone look over your English paper before you submit it they will. And the prof's even encourage it.

We plan on going back for a better one on one visit soon. This was an Open House setting and the groups were pretty big so you couldn't ask a whole lot of questions or get the individual attention that we were looking for today.

Overall it seems like a very secure and welcoming campus. I actually can't wait to go back and see it again and then go to a few more schools before he makes his final decision.


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