Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8

We recently started a book club/Bible study at our church.

Our new selection is:
What an eye opener. I am seeing some of these women of the Bible in a whole new light. And I am also realizing that even if we have made stupid mistakes, God still loves us.
If you have a group of women and are looking for a great Bible study, I would highly recommend this series by Liz Curtis Higgs.
I was privilege enough to hear her speak in person at a women's weekend with my church 2 years ago. And believe me if any one is a 'Bad Girl' turned good and can tell about it, it would be her.
One thing that really stuck out to me about her background was that she used to be a co-star on a radio show you may have heard of: Howard Stern. Yes, Liz Curtis Higgs knows what a bad girl is and she knows what God can do for us and how He can use bad girls for good.
If you get a chance to check her out, please let me know what you think.

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The Gaelic Wife said...

I saw this at the seminary bookstore (and two other she wrote). Almost got it for Deirdre who is 17. What do you think about it for a well-read, inquisitive, mature teenager?