Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 25

We had a great Thanksgiving. We went to Hubby's brothers for the day and had a day filled with food and laughter.

We played the White Elephant Game. My sister-in-law and myself each bought a bunch of small gifts and gag gifts and wrapped them up. Then you all sit around the table and roll the dice. If you get doubles you get to take a present off of the table. Once all of the presents are claimed you continue to roll for a set amount of time, we chose 10 minutes, and if you roll doubles you steal a gift from someone else. It gets to be a riot as you have no idea what you are stealing.

Usually there is one gift that everyone thinks has to be the best gift and it gets taken again and again. This time it was a bag of pretzels that were wrapped up in a shoe box. Everyone wanted the shoe box.

Here are some of the presents that were unwrapped this year:
A pringles container full of dum-dums and smarties.
Lottery scratch off tickets
Mancala Game
Box of Tissues
Pez dispenser
Silly striped toe socks
Baseball cap

There were about 20 gifts in all and it was so much fun. If you are ever looking for just a fun little game to make everyone laugh and have a good time, this is it. My SIL and I decided at the last minute to play the game this year so we got all of the gifts but you can always just have everyone bring a wrapped present that day for a game later.

And I have no idea why it is called the White Elephant Game, but it just means you are supposed to bring something that you already have laying around. You know that awful mug that someone gave you and you refuse to drink out of? That is a great one to use. Or those photo frames you got one year from Aunt Jane that are pink and you have all boys? That is a great gift to wrap up as well.

Maybe you can sneak this game into your holiday season this year. And if you do, please let me know how it worked out for you and if you had as much fun as we do.


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Crystal said...

That sounds like a wonderful thanksgiving! I'll have to try that game with my family next year.