Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26

My boss at work is from Greece. He came here a little of 15 years ago for college and then stayed here. He speaks English well but has an accent that sometimes confuses me. I know, not hard He has called into the office asking for Keith and I have transferred him to Kim as a result of his accent and me not hearing him right. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes he doesn't find it amusing.

When I first started there my hand were dry one day and I didn't have any lotion but i noticed a bottle of Bath and Body Works in the drawer that the intern had left behind. Not thinking anything of it, I used a little after checking with the other girls. One of the girls commented that it made the whole room smell really good. And after lunch I put a little more on and went about the day.

Then the boss comes out and asks me: "What are you wearing?"
I was a little confused and said: "Excuse me?"
He asked again: "What are you wearing?"

I had no idea what he was talking about and seriously thought that something I was wearing was not allowed, such as my shoes, shirt, etc. I had only been there about 2 weeks so I thought maybe I had somehow unintentionally violated the dress code.

Then one of the of girls got this look on her face and she realized what he was talking about. The smell of the lotion was bothering him. During this HR happened to walk through the office and wanted to know if everything was ok. So I told her that the boss had just asked me what I was wearing.

Oh, my, goodness...she pulled him aside and told him that he cannot ask a female worker a question like that. It was a huge hilarious misunderstanding on every one's part and we all laughed about it afterwards.

Fast forward to this past Monday. Our office got to be 79* in the afternoon and we asked if the air could be turned on as it was awful stuffy also. So the boss turned the air on and came out and was talking to us and one of the other girls said she was just fine and cozy. I said if it got much cozier they were going to find me asleep on my desk. She also said that she had long underwear on and was still a little chilly.

So they started talking about long underwear and how he once bought a pair a long time ago to go pheasant hunting and they were scratching and uncomfortable to him. But when he went home to Greece he had bought some UnderArmor to wear. Then they talked about how a couple of the other girls were long underwear through the winter as well.

And without even thinking he turns to me and says: "Do you wear underwear?"
Now I knew what he was talking about but I couldn't resist: "What did you just ask me?"
I swear he turned red on the spot. And he made me swear that I wouldn't tell HR what happened as in his words: "I don't need HR on my a$$ again."

It was so funny and we all laughed about it forever. All except HR that


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BEK said...

I love fun days at work!!!! Had some awesome ones back in Manhattan, KS :)