Thursday, August 6, 2009


So here is the deal. Most of you know about the problems at my church. If not go HERE and read about it. Needless to say the Pastor and several others were not happy that I was the one who wrote a letter (silly me signed my name and the District broke confidentiality and told him). Did I mention that several others wrote letters also, they just didn't sign their names.

The Pastor has no resigned and from what I understand, this has actually been in the works since November of last year. He had been planning to stay for a few more months but due to all of the problems he has decided to leave earlier.

So here is the dilemma. We have a Secret Sister program in my church and I have the Pastor's wife. I think she probably knows I have her. So this Sunday they are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and the following they are having a Retirement party for them. Two parties back to back that I should probably get her something for.

I don't want their last few weeks here to be any more uncomfortable than they already are so do I get her something or just step back and let them go. I have to mention that there was a seperate issue with her altogether that I did not go into here, but she knows I was upset with her.

I want to do the right thing, but right now I am not sure what that is.

What would you do? Please leave your ideas or what you would do in the comments. If you have a question, let that there also and I will answer in the comment as well.



Becca said...

I would meet the obligations that you have because that is the honorable and decent thing to do. And then let it go. The minister is leaving and maybe in doing so, it might bring some peace of mind and closure to the problems. However, that being said, the fact that the district broke confidentiality, I wonder if the problem doesn't go further up the food chain, so to speak. And I wonder if bringing in another minister and his family is going to solve anything, or they are going to unwittingly be thrown into the midst of a church in crisis. Maybe this is a time for the church to start to heal from within, work out the internal problems and be a place of faith and love instead of strife and hurt feelings. If the damage hasn't been made too permanent. Does that make sense?

Big hugs from me,

Jeankfl said...

I agree with Bec.. You should fully forgive, and treat her as you would without any issues. That's what a Christian should do... IMHO.

Dory said...

Wow Stacy.... it's always so hard when a church goes through these things. But, I am in total agreement with Becca. (Thanks for such a long and thoughtful comment Becca - saves me some typing it!)

BEK said...

Kill 'em with kindness....well you know what I mean. It always makes me feel better to know that I acted like the adult even if I am the only one who is. Agree with Becca.