Friday, August 14, 2009

An Answer & Five Quick Questions for Friday

First an answer to the tattoo post.

I really don't think I will ever get a tattoo, but for some reason I have been thinking a lot about it. This is what I would get:

Faith, Hope, Love

Just that simple, in a nice font, on the inside of my left wrist where it could be covered with a watch band if necessary. This is from 1 Corinthians 13:13 in case you are wondering. I might even consider making Love just a tiny bit larger than the other two. Read the full verse to find out why.

Now for the Five Quick Questions for Friday:

1. Coffee or Tea?
2. Comedy or Action Movie?
3. Bar Soap or Body Wash?
4. Cat or Dog?
5. Flip Flops of Thongs?

Just leave your preferences in a comment.

Have a great weekend!



Tracie said...

tea, comedy, body wash, dog, flip flops -- no tattoo, never wanted one.

Dory said...

I want one too, on my foot. I would like to have a trinity symbol... for more than one reason.
*It's representative of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
*I firmly believe there are three in a marriage: The husband, the wife, and Jesus.
and because...
*I have three daughters.
I don't know if I'll ever get one but... I want to.

Body wash
Neither... no likey flip flops OR thongs. ;o)

Amy said...

1. tea
2. comedy
3. body wash
4. cat
5 flip flops

and I love my 4 tattoos

Shannon said...

NO tattoo for me. No way Jose!

1. TEA (really Diet Coke please)
2. Comedy
3. Body Wash?
4. Can I pick neither? Dog if I must pick.
5. Flip Flops. Thongs are panties. Well, kinda. :)

Teen said...

Flip Flops

Laurel said...

Tea (prefer Chia Tea!)
Body Wash
Neither really but I will go with Dog
Neither, I wear sandals

Becca said...

1. Coffee
2. Comedy
3. Bar Soap but really like both
4. Dog?
5. Flip Flops?

Chris said...

Sorry I'm late to the party on this one, but...

1. Tea, and it needs to be sweet
2. Usually comedies, but if I'm going to the theater I prefer action for my $$$.
3. Bar soap. Irish Spring.
4. Dog!
5. On me or women? :-)