Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I went to my mum's this weekend. We had a really nice time and I have a bunch of pics to share with you. However, I first have to answer yesterday's question.

I am currently driving a Kia Rondo:

I actually really like it. It is smaller than I am used to but it is a nice car and handles great with a ton of room inside.

But this is not my car. I drive a Chevy Venture like this:

I love my car but it has had many problems since we got it. Not mechanical mind you. It has been a great car that way.

Lets see, before we made the first payment a little old man hit the sliding passenger door.

Not long after that my husband nicked the corner with the tractor, just a small gash, not much to worry about.

Then my BIL was driving and he straddled a dead raccoon in the road. The raccoon was so big it cracked the front bumper on the passenger side.

My gram and the kids were in the car while I ran into the grocery store and someone pulled in and bumped the front end. Again just a nick, but still counts.

One year we went to a Fireworks display, parked the car and walked away. When we got back there was a car parked on top of my rear bumper.

Hubby pulled up too close to the sidewalk once and cracked the front corner from the raccoon even more and the other time hit one of those stupid poles at the gas station and dented the front.

Last fall I was again hit in the parking lot of the grocery store twice in the same month.

Did I mention that we bought this car brand spanking new in January of 03?
That brings us up to this weekend. While my mum, the kids and I were out my dad forgot that my car was in the driveway. He put his car in reverse, and promptly backed right into my car. Did I mention that he had the trailer hitch on his Tahoe when he did it? No? Hmmmm....wonder what kind of damage that would do? Let's see:

Kinda looks like this:

It might also do this:

I actually find it quiet amusing. It is just a car and no one got hurt. It can be fixed. The funniest part is that several years ago, my mum did the same thing to my sisters car. But there was no hitch involved and it was just a dent in the door.

Yes that hole went the whole way through to the interior. That is the speaker that you see peeking through. Needless to say, my dad had to put duct tape over the huge hole, cut the liner off around the tire so it wouldn't rub, and also duct tape the headlight in place so that I could drive home.

I was never so embarrassed to drive my car in my life! Remember I was on the other side of Pittsburgh and had to drive 2 hours home on the highway like that. And then drive it around town to get estimates and to the body shop.

So I am enjoying this neat little car while we have it and may actually consider it for our next car purchase.

BTW - My dad and I had the following conversation after "fixing" the car.

Him - You know I'm going to have to get you.

Me - Huh? Why?

Him - Cause you are going to write about this on your blog.

LOL - Guess I am in trouble now.... ;) Love you Mum & Tony!



Chris said...

Wow! I thought our last van was a nick magnet, but your's has it beat by a LONG shot! Good luck with the repairs.

Turf Dad said...

Give it to the teenager and buy yourself a new car.