Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Why

This post brought to you courtesy of the radio.

Last week one day I was listening to the radio and they gave some food facts that kind of shocked me. So I am going to ask you what you do and I want you to honestly answer the questions with what you do, not what you think is the right answer.

How long do you leave Pizza out and still eat it?

How long are leftovers in your fridge still good to eat? (Not how long do they stay in there - I know the record holder on that In other words if you have leftover chicken dinner on Sunday, what day do you discard the leftovers?

Shocking answers on soon.



Becca said...

No I do not eat pizza that has been left out...that is nasty.

And leftovers in our fridge have to be eaten in 3 days or they are out of there. Mitch is usually the left over eater, because when you reheat something in the microwave it gets a funny texture and I just can't get it down. And Mitch, well as much as I love him, he will eat anything! :-)

meg said...

Being as I have a teenaged boy in the house, a pizza generally lasts less than an hour- if it's a party, maybe a couple hours.
Leftovers? What are those? :-P
I always cook in small amounts & anything not eaten that meal goes with someone for lunch the next day; but if there is a container in there for more than a couple days, it goes out.

Laurel said...

At my house,with 2 growing boys, we rarely have leftover pizza. But when we do, it goes into the fridge within an hour or so, in tupperware!! I cannot stand pizza left in the cardboard box.

My family are not big on leftovers, so if they are not eaten within 2 days, I pitch them. I know this sounds wasteful, but I try to make only what we can eat. Like I said, not too many leftovers!!!

Chris said...

I go by looks & smells mostly. But like most have said, we rarely have leftovers of pizza. Other leftovers tend to stay in the fridge for long periods because my wife used to live on leftovers growing up. She's tired of them. Doesn't bother me one way or the other.

But not that you've mentioned it, I need to go check the fridge. I'm a bit peckish...

Dory said...

Hmmmm.... I think someone was subliminally mentioning ME. ;o)

Pizza, if there's any - it lasts a day or two.

No one really eats leftovers in my house except me. If there's anything, I eat it for lunch the next day. If it sits in there a few days... I usually just get rid of it.

If it's in the garage fridge...