Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Name is Mud......

Or at least it is going to be soon.

Lets just say that I couldn't take the problems in my church anymore, so I decided to do something about it. On Sunday morning in my Sunday school class we all kind of opened up to each other and expressed our concerns over the way things are going. As of last count 11 families have left and we are a pretty small church to begin with.

After we all kind of got it all off of our chests, we asked one of the board members to join us for a few minutes and we expressed our concerns with her. We asked if we could meet with the board alone and use them as mediators. She then said that we would have to contact them on our own.

It is very apparent that no one wants to address the problems and when they are addressed, they are swept under the rug. Let me tell you, the lump under the rug is so big that people are starting to trip over it.

So following in the footsteps of many who have left my church, I contacted the District Council. I am sure that when word gets back to the Pastor, I will be asked to leave as some others in the past have been. I am concerned over the ramifications this will have on my children.

Please continue to pray for this situation as a resolve is found. I love my church and do not want to be forced to leave. I also don't want it to be torn apart any more.



Rebekah said...

Prayers are being sent your way.

Jeankfl said...

Just stay calm and loving.. and do the steps to reconciliation that the Lord has put before us.. He will honor your obedience. I'll be praying!

Becca said...

Stay you. Set the example that you want for your children. Teach them that sweeping things under the carpet and ignoring them solves nothing. And retaliating against you by asking you to leave doesn't seem to be very Christian-like. It seems that these adults need to take a look in the bible and learn some life lessons on communicating with the flock. Churches should be inclusive, not excluding of anyone.

Dory said...

Your name is strength, not mud.

Kudos to you for standing up for what you know to be the right thing to do, even if its hard and unpleasant. That's called INTEGRITY Stacy.