Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Why

I haven't done this in quite some time, but thought of something I really want to know.

Do you have any tattoo's?

If so:
Where is it?
What is it?
Why did you get it or what is the meaning behind it?

If not:
Have you ever considered getting one?
What would you get?
Where would you get it?
What is the meaning behind it?

I never thought I would be the type that would want a tattoo, but lately I have been considering it. Want to guess what I would get and where?



Becca said...

If not:

Have you ever considered getting one? No.

You? Probably a cross?

BEK said...

Left inside part of wrist...Asian calligraphy for Temple. I am left handed so this is the hand that I eat with/write with. It is a reminder that I am God's temple. With my life I represent him in my actions, words, dress, eating, exercise, and work. Matt and I studied a Japanese form of Karate in Wichita so that is why I chose the language I did. Also Karate demands discipline so it is also a reminder to discipline myself.

I have been told that getting a tattoo where I did is pretty bold and is pretty painful....don't know hadn't had one before. I didn't mind the getting part (one of those weirdos who found it fascinating) I think mine was small enough that the endorphins stayed kicked in the whole time. I hated the healing time- it is literally an open wound that takes a good week or so to completely heal.

Because Matt and I got ours at the same time together I don't regret doing it. But just to do it, I would have never pursued it. It was a commitment we made to do together. Though it is a body mark identifier if anyone has to identify my body I guess....sorry a little morbid....

Laurel said...

I do not have a tatoo, but I did have permanent eyeliner put on so I guess that is like a tatoo. Same process. I like it since if I just put on mascara, I look like I have makeup on.

I have considered getting a tatto, I have thought about getting a pink ribbon on the back of my neck or behind and ear. You would see it if I lost my hair. But realistically, I won't do it. With the treatments I am on, it would take FOREVER to heal. I am suppose to be careful of cuts!!!

As for you, I agree with Becca, probably a cross, and I gues on an ankle since you love your feet!!!

The Gaelic Wife said...

Never considered it because I learned at my mother's knee that only "white trash" (her words) got tattoos. However, I get henna whenever a Hindi friend gets married or I go to Epcot (Morocco). But that fades.

Chris said...

No tattoos. I grew up around old men who had had wrinkly dark blue/black spots where pictures of their pin-up girls once were. I'm sure the ink & process is better now, but have never wanted to take the chance. Plus it hurts!

I like BEK's reasons for the ones she has. I've also heard of people getting tattoo wedding bands around their fingers where rings would go. The ultimate perfect circle.

Having never really met you, I can't really guess what you'd get or where it'd be placed. But if you put a gun to my head and asked me for an answer, I picture you as cross/family type of person. Perhaps a cross & verse. Maybe a dainty vine & branches thing that could be scripture & the names of those most dear to you. If you're getting it for yourself (or husband) only, I'd put it somewhere discrete. But if it's a "statement" thing, put it where it'd be in view in only the most casual of settings. Just don't put it on your upper arm where you'd roll up your smokes in your t-shirt! :-)