Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Run Down

We had a really nice weekend here. Too bad it is now the end of the summer. It has not been a nice summer here at all. It was a cold, rainy mess for most of it. Just in the last 2 weeks has it gotten nice.

Saturday we just kind of hung out most of the day. Went to the pool for a little while, read a little and just relaxed.

Saturday night we went with our new neighbors (a nice young couple) to her dad's place for a bonfire. The kids had a blast. He has horses and they got to pet them and feed them grass and hay. There was also a playhouse with a slide that Little S really enjoyed. They had more food than you could fit on 2 picnic tables. Her dad also grows corn and made a hybrid of his own this year. It was so yummy. Sweet and tender and just popped off the cob into your mouth.

Sunday after church the boys went down to the pool to say goodbye to the final lifeguard. Our pool always closes a week before school starts since we mostly have college kids as the guards. Then we had a small impromptu picnic here. One of hubby's friends stopped over and the neighbors and her niece stopped over. We had drumsticks, baked potatoes and corn on the grill. And hubby made a cheesecake with cherry topping for dessert.

The guys played cornhole and the kids went for a bike ride. It was perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cold. The only bad thing was the mosquito's were out last night. Stinkin' bugs. I'll be itching for a week.

Hope you had as nice of a weekend.


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