Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prompts to Ponder

I recently asked this question of my friend Shannon and thought it was such a cool question, I would ask it of all of you as well.

If you could meet any one famous who would you meet? Why? Where would you go or what would you do?

Can't wait to hear the answers.



Shannon said...

I've been thinking about this question since you asked it and can NOT come up with an answer. I'm not a big fan of famous people so no one comes directly to mind and I'm still thinking. I promise to share when I come up with an answer.

Becca said...

I want to meet Warren Buffet and learn how his financial mind works. He is next to never wrong on his calls.

Jen said...

Joel McHale would be my pick. He is hilarious and I have a wee crush on him.

Anonymous said...

Bill Engvall because he is so funny. Mum