Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clean Your Ears or Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter

Saturday evening after hubby's surprise party my SIL had to go to work at 5 and my BIL had to get some sleep as he had to go out midnight turn. We used there house for the party but hubby and I still wanted to visit with a few friends so we went over to their house (S&H) about 5 miles away.

While we were there both of their parents showed up as well. H was an only child so Hubby was almost like another child.

S&H's kids are almost the same age as ours and once in a while we will share kids. Meaning one of us will take the older two and the other will take the middle two. Neither of our youngest will stay at each others house yet.

As we are sitting there the kids started talking about who was going home with who that evening. I then said that I was planning on leaving all of the kids there and hubby and I were going home to quiet.

Tween innocently says "You can have Seth"

The room suddenly got quiet as all eyes bugged out and looked at him.

Me being a little slow on the uptake was bewildered until someone asked him what he said. He repeated "You can have Seth. Why?"

Yes, almost everyone in the room thought he had said "You can have s@*"

His face turned fourteen shades of red as he sunk into the couch and realized what they thought he said.



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Heeheehee! I love it!

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HAHAHAHAHA! I'll bet he was just mortified! That was a good one!