Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 40th Hubby

Hubby turned the big 4-0 on Sunday. Every year he whines about his birthday and wonders what I am going to do for it. Will i have a party or cake or go out to dinner, etc. Being born in January does not go well with the finances. Usually in January we are beyond broke. Not only do we have Christmas and all that entails, we also have Little S's birthday to take care of.

This year was no exception especially since I recently had my hours cut at work. So I made it perfectly clear that I would not be doing anything for his birthday. That there was no possible was I could do anything and that later in the year we would do something when we had a little extra, perhaps after I get a better job or increased hours.

So as the day got closer to his birthday I started plotting, but couldn't really come up with anything with no money. So at the same time I was trying to plan something, my MIL called and she told me she wanted to plan something as well.

I have never been able to surprise hubby. He almost always figures it out or someone blows it for me (not mentioning any children's names ;)

We completely pulled this one off. I didn't tell the kids until Thursday and Little S didn't know until right before.

He had a great weekend. Friday the kids stayed at grandma's so we could go to dinner together. Saturday was his surprise party and we had a good turn out despite the weather. And then Sunday we went to dinner with the neighbors. Hubby was completely spoiled all weekend.

He loves being the center of attention and was all weekend.

Happy Birthday Hubby! I hope we celebrate many many more together.


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Becca said...

Great job! And I am glad you pulled it off!