Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy 2010! I hope that your year is filled with Blessings!

We have had a really nice relaxing weekend here. I had Thursday - Sunday off and it was kind of nice just hanging at home with the boyz. We didn't do anything too special. Watched a movie or two, played a game or two, but just basically hung around and relaxed. It was nice for a change not having to be somewhere doing something. I feel like I had been going non-stop since before Thanksgiving.

This year kind of flew by for me and I never felt that I got to enjoy the time leading up to the holidays. This was the first year I can remember not being excited about the holidays and all that they hold. Don't get me wrong as I had a wonderful time with our families when the days got here, it just didn't seem magical this year.

Now that the busyness is over I can look back over the last few weeks I can see how blessed I have been.

My favorite part of Christmas time besides watching the kids open their gifts has got to be the family gatherings.

We always have a nice busy kid filled time at hubby's brother's place on Christmas day. But my favorite gathering is at my Mum's. It is basically the only time all year that we are all together. My sister lives in WV about 5 hours from me and my Mum lives near Pittsburgh almost 2 hours from me. Since Mum's is the halfway point we all gather there. This year was especially nice as my sister got in early Saturday and stayed until Sunday.

Our favorite thing to do at my Mum's is play games. The kids look forward to it every time we go to visit her. Something about just hanging around the table laughing, talking and reminiscing makes me love my life. I sometimes just look around at everyone there and take it all in and I know how truly blessed I am.

So thanks Mum & Tony for keeping Christmas alive for me even at 38. Thanks for letting me sit down and relax and taking care of all of us for the weekend. Everything you do for us each Christmas means more to me than I can even tell you.

Love, Stacy


Dory said...

Sounds wonderful.... I too love sitting around, playing games and chatting. That's when all the laughing begins!

Chris said...

I kinda missed the "magic" of the season as well. Don't know what happened - just hope it doesn't repeat in 2010.

Glad you had a good time w/ family. Happy New Year, Stacy!