Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25

Today as I opened my Devotions in my email I read more about a program that my church has participated in for several years now.

Operation Christmas Child by Samaritan's Purse run by Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son).

Here is a short video explaining what this program is:

I am Thankful for programs like this. It is such a great way to let those in the smallest poverty stricken places in the world that God loves them and so do other Christians.

Can you imagine being one of these children? And then to be given such a wonderful gift from someone you don't even know. What an amazing thing.

In my devotions today it talks about a child who when he opened his box he started to cry. One of the workers went over and noticed that his box was filled with socks and nothing else. So trying to comfort the child she told him that she would get him a different box. He shook his head no and pulled the box towards him. He had been diagnosed with a rare skin condition only on his feet and the doctors had told him that the only was it was going to heal was if he wore cotton socks. He had prayed and prayed for them and that is what he got.

We have had missionaries speak at our church about Operation Christmas Child and over and over again we hear stories like these about how prayers were answered in those boxes.

If you have time, please visit the links above. And if you can, make up a box and send it off to a child in need.


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