Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18

Today I am Thankful for the following:

And all other brands and types that make you feel better.
I am not sure which one of you lovely ladies out there decided to share their germs with me, but next time, no thank you.
Making this short and sweet as I am going to bed as soon as hubby gets back home with more medicine. I used the last of it this morning and it is wearing off and I am miserable.
For those of you I am playing scrabble with, I'll catch up soon. Sorry.
One more thing - A few of you had the right answer to FROG (Fully Rely On God).


meg said...

I promise- it wasn't me! I think I'm the only one not sick :-(

Shannon said...

Oh Stacy........I am so sorry. It was me and I feel so badly. Please forgive me. :(

Dory said...

Maybe you got sick from all those germs floating around the mouths of your new patients. :o) What? It could happen!

Tracie said...

Hope your feel better soon~

Becca said...

Hugs, and feel better soon!

And stop by my blog would you please? All the cool chicks have, you have to, too!