Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween Everyone!

We had our Trick or Treat yesterday.

Why? Because there is an away football game tonight.

So, you say. Here in Hickville, we have a parade at the school stadium after Trick or Treat. The Marching Band play for the parade and they are dressed up as well.

All the kids sign up in different catagories depending ontheir costume, Scary, Cute, Original, Group, etc. They they get a small prize if they win (between $2 -$10) and every child gets a full size candy bar at the end. To the kids, it is worth it just for

So here are my little goblins:


A Vampire

A Monk

Hope you have a great Halloween!



Rebekah said...

Happy Halloween! Kids look great!

Tracie said...

Very Nice! Hope they had fun!

Happy Halloween!