Monday, October 27, 2008

So Quiet

It is so quiet around here lately. Besides running the kids to a million activites there isn't much to write about.

**The older two got themselves in a little bit of trouble. Long story short, they got caught smoking. This is not the first time Teen has gotten busted, but it is for Tween. I doubt that Tween will ever smoke again.

What type of punishment would you dole out to a pair of young smokers? I'll let you know what happened here in a day or so.

**I have said before how much I enjoy living in the apartment complex. No maintenance, no property taxes, lower heating and cooling costs, and water, sewage and garbage are included.

However, the one thing that I absolutely dread about living here is when someones lease is up. Right now we have a really nice group of people living in our side of the building (with the exception of the stupid old lady across the hall). There are 8 buildings in the complex and each building has 2 main entrances. In each half of the building is 8 apartments 4 up and 4 down. So out of the 8 apartments here, we all get along. 2 weeks ago one of the neighbors upstairs moved out. Next weekend 2 of the three "boys" upstairs are moving out. The end of next month the last of the "boys" is moving out. And then in February the girls behind us are moving out.

I am afraid of who might move in here. Right now we are comfortable with the neighbors. I know I can leave my door unlocked for a few minutes here and there. I know I can let Little S go upstairs and visit the "boys" or behind us to visit the girls. I also like having the only kids on this side of the building.

I just pray that in the next few months as people move in I am blessed with as good neighbors as I have now.

**Saturday morning my sister is coming to visit for a few days. We hardly ever get to see each other. She lives in WV and it is about a 7 hour drive between us. Normally we see each other once in the summer and then at Christmas at my Mum's house. It is never for more than a few hours. I have so much to show her, so many places to take her and we have so much stuff of my Gram's to go through together. I have had a lot of my Gram's things sitting in storage for the last 2 years. I am at a point where for the most part I am comfortable going through her things and dispersing them. I hope that my sister can deal with it.

Not much else to say. Don't forget to tell me what your punishment ideas are!



Jen said...

Yikes. I am not sure what I would do if I caught one of my kids smoking.
I'd probably lay a really awful guilt trip on them - their grandpa smokes and has a multitude of health problems from it.
I've always told Matt that I would break his fingers if I caught him smoking. :)

Lucky Wife said...

Ugh, since I finally quit, the thought of someone starting is horrible! Let him know that I've smoked for 13 years, and spent almost 15K on cigerettes, plus my husband smoked so double that plus another thousand of quit aids. He may thinks he looks cool, but he'll be smelly and girls won't want to kiss him.

Dory said...

Gosh, I honestly don't know what I'd do. I suppose *beat them senseless* would be my first inclination - after having spent a lifetime trying to get away from smokers - it would probably upset me mightily.

I think a lot of it depends on what you've told them in the past regarding smoking... if they knew full well that you are absolutely against it and that you don't want them to try it - I think you'd handle that differently then if you have always thought about how much you dislike it but you've never exactly TOLD them that you didn't want them to try it. Does that make sense?