Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nothing Much

It has been quiet around here lately. The only reason I am posting anything is I have had a certain person (who shall remain nameless....but her initials are LBD) complain that I haven't written anything in a few days.

I had 2 interviews last week. They both went well. I was more comfortable at one than the other, but haven't heard anything from either one.

I haven't interviewed in a long time so perhaps someone can answer this question for me. If the interviewer offers you a drink (coffee, water, soda) is there a certain protocol you should follow? Should you take a drink even if you are not thristy so you don't insult them?

One of the interviews was quiet odd. They asked some personal questions that I was sure you are not supposed to ask in an interview. Such as, Do you plan on having more children? At this same interview (for an Office Manager Position) the other office workers were present. And if that wasn't odd enough, they were all asking me different questions. And to top it off, the owner asked me what my salary requirements were In.Front.Of.The.Other.Workers. And wanted me to answer him. That was very uncomfortable. I just feel that everyone's compensation and/or salary is between the boss and the employee.

I had another interview yesterday and a phone interview today. The one today was through the temp agency and I have a 2nd interview on person next week with them.

Saturday we took the Jr & Sr Youth groups up to Cool Springs Corn Maze. The kids had a blast. There were 20 of us that went and we all broke down into 5 groups of 4.

This is an aerial view. It is 10 Acres.

Did I mention that we went in the dark? (We all had flashlights and cell phones/walkie talkies.) The corn is approx 8 ft tall. It was so much fun. We made it out the first time in about 10 minutes. But only because someone at some point cut a path that wasn't supposed to be there. We decided to go back through so we could get the full effect. It took us about 45 minutes to do the whole thing. And yes we got lost a time or two.

After we all got out and met back up, we got some hot cider and a snack. They also have a DJ/Karoake every night.

On the far left is the snack shack. In the middle is where the DJ/Karaoke and dancing is happening. And to the right is another huge building with lost of Hay bales to climb on and through.

Of course later those of us with allergies have the worst congestion. But it was so worth it!

And last but not least, last night I had a Stampin' Up party here. There were about 10 of us and we had a blast. This is what we made:

The card says "Christ is Born" in case you can't see it due to the flash.

And this cute little guy is a great idea for filling trick or treat sacks. He has a top and bottom and in between is a york peppermint patty.

Now that I have typed all of that, I guess it hasn't been that quiet around here after all. Just normal.



Laurel said...

you did not have to blog on account of me! I was just pointing it out!!! Nice job.

Shannon said...

The corn maze looks like sooooo much fun! If I ever make it to Penn. I am absolutely coming in the fall so I can go to it!

As for interviews.........
only take the drink if you want it, they should NEVER ask you personal questions because it's against the law, and I totally agree with you about salary.

I'm still praying for you my friend! God does have great plans for you- in His time!

Anonymous said...

I think they were wondering if you plan on taking their job and then taking maternity leave. Not that they are allowed to do that.

I Love love love Stampin up, my consulant in FL used to have stamp camp, 20 buck, 10 cards and door prizes, but I moved :-(

Lucky wife

Jen said...

I agree with Shannon on the interview stuff.

You guys find such fun stuff to do there in Pennsylvania! :)

White Hot Magik said...

Corn maizes are fun. The crafts are cute too. One thing about interviews is it is for you to decide about the company too. I hope it goes well. I am looking too but trying to get on with the school system first