Sunday, October 5, 2008


This weekend was the big Homecoming festivities here. For as small of a town that I live in, they have so many activities here.

Thursday Night was the big Bonfire kickoff for the weekend. Teen had to play for band for that.

Friday was the parade. 45 minutes long. All three boys were in it. Here are Tween and Little S on the soccer float:

And in the middle is Teen:
The alumni can actually come back and march in the parade for the evening. That is the reason the person next to him is in jeans.
Unfortunately we lost the game Friday night. The other team mopped the field with our butts. The final score was 7 - 36. Only our second loss, but it was a bad one.

Saturday was the Homecoming dance. This was the first year Teen went. A Senior asked him as she didn't have a boyfriend and they are pretty good friends.

This is Teen hamming it up before she got here:
Yes he those are tennis shoes he had on. He is a little prankster and wanted to see what she would say about them.
Here he is taking off the sunglasses being silly.

Again just hamming it up.

His date called saying she was on the way and things were just not going her way so he changed out of the shoes before she got here. (Wise choice little grasshopper, wise choise.)

Sorry about the washed out faces, the sun had just hit the point where you had to squint.
This is the other couple that they went with.
He made it home safe and sound and had a good time. I asked him if he danced at all and he said two or three times. Sounds like a typical HS dance, all the guys sit around while the girls dance.
Today we are all just resting. The last couple of days have been so busy we need a day to just veg out.


Tracie said...

Nice looking kids! Sounds like alot of fun activities. And formal! Here, our new principal has been axing alot of the activities and the dance is more casual. Glad he had a good time!

blairspage said...

Thanks for stopping by my new blogspot. And, thanks for giving me your new address! At least I can read this and leave comments now! :)

Hugs - Tiffany

Dory said...

Oh my.... what big doings in your life right now! From here til after the holidays, things really WON'T slow down much, will they? Isn't it crazy the way life works?

They all look so good... :o) That teen of yours is quite the ham. Did he get that from his mama??

Jen said...

Your boys are so handsome! Love the pictures!