Sunday, July 6, 2008

Traveling Home

Yesterday morning my friend and I traveled to church camp to pick up the kids. We had a good ride there. She is orignally from Lebanon and her husband is from Syria so I always have her tell me stories. Most of the way up she told me the story of how her and her hubby met and how good God was to be able to bring them together in marriage with all of the fighting that was going on at that time (think Desert Storm era). It was a wonderful story of what God can do for us if only we ask him.

Anyhow, we got there and gathered up the kids and their things, packed them in the car and started out for home. My friend decided that she wanted to treat the kids to DQ on the way home. So as I start onto the highway she programs DQ into her Navigator (GPS). She picks the one that says 2.4 miles.

WooHoo - Really close by, however, the time and mileage showing up on the screen after we pick it says 20 minutes, 18 miles. That is odd. Oh well, must have something messed up somewhere.

We start chit-chatting away not paying attention to time or miles and it tells me to get off at the next exit. So I proceed off of the exit and it tells me to get back on the highway going back the way we came. I obeyed the thing, thinking I missed an exit or something while we were talking. The kids were watching a movie and not paying attention.

So we drive the whole way back to where we got on at the camp. We are laughing about how silly we are and how much time and gas we are wasting over stupid ice cream. But I really enjoyed the fellowship.

As we pull up to the DQ the kids realize that we have been driving for quiet awhile and that we are just down the road from camp. We just laugh and tell them we made an error with the GPS.

So we get out of the car and the DQ doesn't even open for another 8 minutes. Well, after driving soooo far, we will wait it out. My cell phone rings and it is an odd but familiar number. I think I know who it is and really didn't feel like talking at the time so I ignore the call and then listen to the voice mail. It was the Pastor at the camp. Apparently my friend had forgotten to pick up her daughters medicines from the nurse before we left.

We ran over to the camp and picked the med's up, had our DQ, and then made it home without further incident.

Isn't it just like God to help us out like that? Normally I wouldn't have listened to the GPS tell me to get back on the highway and head back. I would have gone to the next exit and found a DQ there.

God always puts us in the place that we are needed or where He wants us to be. By the time the Pastor had called us, we should have been almost home. But instead we were 2 miles down the road.

God has a plan for all of us, we just have to let Him be the director and not try to take things into our own hands.

This little lesson was so needed at this time for me. I have been struggling with a few things and I needed to see that God will handle it. He will direct me where I need to be. I want to be 2 miles down the road when I am needed not so far gone that it would make things worse off.



Dory said...

What a great lesson! Thanks for sharing it.

Jen said...

I would rather read a map than use GPS. My husband has GPS in his vehicle and he calls "her" Betty.
I can't even stand to listen to "Betty's" voice. I make him mute her when he drives with me in the car.
Never fails - he programs it to our destination (usually a destination we already know the route to) - and "Betty" takes us on an unfamiliar route that makes our trip even longer.
Thanks for letting me vent about GPS.

And yes, great lesson along the way home from camp!