Friday, July 11, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Summer Day-z

We haven't been doing much around here lately. We are trying to come up with some inexpensive ideas of things to do on a tight UC budget.

Last Thursday was hubby's company picnic. It was at a huge county fair not too far from us. He gets two free tickets so all we have to purchase are the boys. Tween was out of town so Teen invited his friend to go with us. We always have a good time at the picnic.

Hubby is required to go down and set up in the morning, so we are there way before anything opens. I don't mind though, because he gets paid for the whole day after his hour or so worth of set up is done. They put up tents and tables and chairs.

They also bring in a HUGE grill and the owners (<--- yes, you read that right) cook for all of the employees. It is all picnic style and it is a real treat.

While hubby was setting up, we walk around the grounds and the kids love to look at and pet the animals. Especially the horses.

They set up a Chinese Auction, Bingo, and Face Painting also under the tents. Little S had a snake on his cheek. It looked like it was crawling in his ear.

After we ate, we let the kids ride. We only got about an hours worth of rides in and it started to downpour. We went back to the tents and sat and tried to wait it out, but it was not letting up so we headed home. We were all a little upset that we didn't get to do more, but there is always next year.

We had plenty of picnics and fireworks over the weekend.

This week has been a catch all week. Got all the errands ran, bills paid, and house straightened up so that we can go camping this weekend.

Yesterday was spent with Laurel and her youngest at our pool. The boys had a lot of fun. She was kind enough to bring Flarp with her for each of the boys.

Flarp makes all kind of gross noises and the boys are having a blast with it.

Today we are going on a picnic with our neighbor and her 2 daughters. We are going to a little stream down the road. It is really quiet and peaceful there. The kids are going to wear flip-flops & swimming gear so that they can play in the water when we are done eating. It is only about a foot deep at the deepest point.

Hubby said that he is going to institute a new rule at our house: No swimming or playing while he has to work. LOL I think someone is a little jealous.

Hope you all have a great day!


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Dory said...

My girls love Flarp! It's a big hit at birthday parties! lol