Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20

Yes, I admit I slacked off already for a bit.  But in my defense we were pretty busy and then we had the stomach virus come through here.

This past week I have been working on cleaning out all of the old paperwork and files and drawers and such.  Since I am now a permanent employee I am getting rid of all of the stuff that the last couple temps and last permanent employee (who retired) left behind.  I am also organizing it the way I want it set up.  I really didn't want to go through the effort of tossing and organizing and then not having a job in the end.  And also for the first few months I was there I wasn't sure what I would need and what I wouldn't.  It feels good opening drawers and things are all neat and tidy.

I am off on Fridays so today instead of doing one shelf in a cupboard, I cleaned out the whole food/medicine cupboard in the kitchen.

Here are the before pics:

The above picture is the right side 2 bottom shelves.  The bottom shelf is a various mess of different tea's and stuff.  The second shelf is all of our basic family medicines and such.  As I was going through everything I was also throwing out expired stuff.

This is the left side of the cupboard and it is all food items shoved in and in no particular order. Fruits, soups, veggies, condiments all mixed together.

This is my cupboard after:

The left bottom shelf contains tuna, veggies and a few other odd items.  The next shelf up is all soups and at the top is all pasta, rice and dressing.

For the right bottom shelf I took a page out of Shannon's book (or blog) and bought a small bin which now contains all of our medicines.  The two containers to the left of it contain all of the different teas and sweeteners.  Above that is fruit, pb & jelly and a few decorative jars I wasn't sure what to do with.  At the top is boxed sides, desserts and dips.

I kind of felt like Julia Roberts in Sleeping with the Enemy as I was putting everything away.  I made them all face front and be pretty even. I am pretty sure when I get back from the next grocery trip the cans will not be all nice and front and center.



Anonymous said...

looks organized! :)

Md. Eftekhairul Islam said...

you start it as a story.
the way of development