Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3

Today's assignment is to clean off the top of a cabinet.  I actually do not have any cabinet tops that are accessible.  Our kitchen cabinets are built in so that is one thing that I can not clutter ;)

Today was the first day back to school for the kids and my first day back at work but now as an official "PSU" employee.  The kids didn't give me trouble at all this morning but it is only 6:30 and the little one is already crabby.  I imagine he will be in bed early and will be a bear to get up tomorrow.

So since I don't have an assignment to do today, I thought I would ask a question instead.

If you could pick your own name or change it now, what would your new name be and why?

I used to think that I would change my name, but I am pretty attached to it now and I wouldn't change it.



Becca said...

Right now with all the politics?

Call me Mrs. Oscar T. Grouch..

Sorry heard way more than enough postering..it is going to be a long election season..

Anonymous said...

I use to hate my name. Now I am pretty attached to it. So I won't be changing my name anytime soon ;)