Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2

We were lazy all morning and didn't get moving until after 11 this morning.  But once we got moving we got a lot accomplished.

The boyz finished straightening their room and I got the kitchen straightened up.

Then we were off to the bargain theater ($3 per show and includes a popcorn) to see Arthur Christmas. It was a really cute movie.

When we got home I looked on my clutter calendar and it says that I was to set up a "Donation Station". Well, I didn't actually get that set up. 

However, I did get Little S's new desk all organized and ready for when he starts back to school.  He got a new light for the desk and tons of supplies for Christmas.  Pencils, paper, crayons, colored pencils, stapler, glue sticks and anything else he will need.  Along with a few art supplies and Crayola stations.

Then I went to the closet and pulled out the sweeper and saw this mess: 

And this was after I pulled the Dyson, the cat carrier and a few other things out.  The shelf on the right was stacked with things also.  I decided to take before and after pictures after I had started to unload everything.

After I pulled everything out, we ate dinner and played a game of Headbands.  It was a little hard at first but we got the hang of it. And it was fun playing a game while we ate.  We may have to do it again in the future.

Then I got back to the closet.  I filled a garbage bag full of stuff and then put numerous things in their rightful place and this is what it looks like now:

Much much better.  Everything is in it's place and there is room leftover for the roaster pan on the shelf to the right.

It's nice to think that I can open the door and nothing is going to fall out at me and I don't have to shove everything to get the door to close again.

So even though I didn't get today's assignment done, I did take a step towards organizing and de-cluttering. 

The worst part about organizing a closet or drawer is that no one really sees the effort you have made (unless you take pics).


Updated 8:30pm - Tree and all decorations are now down as well.


White Hot Magik said...

Good job about taking the pics, and the organizing. I would be too embarrassed my before pics.

Anonymous said...

Looks great Stacy ;)