Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Little S and Daddy

My boyz love to play at the little creek (we say 'crick' here in western PA) down the road. They will walk up and down it and catch minnows and crayfish/crawdads/mudbugs and just splash around under the bridge.

One of Little S's favorite things to do is to "fix" the waterfalls. If you look at the picture you will see several large rocks next to each other and the water flows between them.  Sometimes when there is a storm and the water runs hard the little rocks and grit get between the rocks and block the water flow.  Little S thinks it is his job to clean that stuff out of there so the water can flow other words "fix" the waterfalls.

This particular day there was a crayfish stuck in between the rocks and Little S was concerned about it so he asked Daddy to help him out.  Daddy went and got a stick and helped push it out.

I just love this picture.  I think I might get this one printed and framed.


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Anonymous said...

Aww thank you Stacy. What a difference a year makes. Of course not a day goes by we do not miss the other kids. Our hearts break they are still in foster care being bounced from home to home when all along they had a good home here.

We can not wait for the day our little Jaydon bug shares our last name!