Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8

I opened my email this afternoon and my Mum had asked my why I stopped updating my blog.  I think she is just anxious to see my  Actually Thursday I was super busy and Friday I wasn't feeling well so I did 2 area's yesterday.

First was the top drawer of my nightstand.  I have a habit of stuffing stuff in the top drawer until later.  It was so stuffed that I was unable to close the drawer the whole way anymore :(    So here is the before: 

Not sure if you can see it or not but behind the drawer was some additional stuff that had fallen behind and under the drawer actually preventing it from closing.  I threw a ton of stuff out and here is the after picture:

I think I have way too many highlighters.  My asked for and got some for Christmas for school, I should have just cleaned my drawer sooner and given him some.

After the drawer I tackled the top of the stand. I clean the top off every couple months because I often stack and avoid.  I set things there to deal with later and often the time passes before I deal with whatever it is. Mostly it is kids book order forms and catalogs from different in home parties.  By the time I look through them again it is too late to order books or the party has closed.  

I honestly think I do it cause I don't have the money at the time to order and I think if I set it there some how the money will magically appear before the deadline.  Guess that is one way to save money I don't have :)

Anyhow here is the before:

Notice the school papers almost on top and I guess it is kind of a catch all for everything else I use at night. Lotions, room spray, vicks, Motrin, hand sanitizer, and I ALWAYS have a drink with me at night.

So after adding to the first bag of garbage and putting things where they really belong this is the after:

Lots of room now.  And my kindle can set there without fear of it falling.  See that mug rug on the right?  My great grandma made that a long time ago.  After she passed we were going through some of her craft stuff and there were a few of these in there.  There weren't enough to put a blanket together but I took a few and use them for coasters. 

As I look at this picture now I see that I still have stuff on that table.  For some reason I think I have a fear of it being empty.  There is actually no need for the nail polish to set there or the other 3 bottles.  Wonder why I have a need to have stuff around.  To me this is a clean table but I am sure to many of you it is still cluttered.  I really think it would bother me if it were completely empty.  

I could easily put my Kindle in my drawer and the nail polish in the cupboard on my headboard.  In fact I am going to do that right now and take a new pic of it completely clean.  

For some reason it bothers me that it is so empty :(    

What about you? What is on your nightstand?  Is it empty or are there certain things that you have to have on it?



Shannon said...

Good job girlie! Mine just has a book, a clock and some lotion I use when I get into bed.

Susan said...

Mine looks like your before pic!

Susan Ellen said...

Well... mine looks like your before also (like the other Susan). I am going to change that soon! Good job, Stacy! Now, if you are like me it won't be easy to keep it looking like that, hope I'm wrong but...

Aschemom said...

You did a great job!! I am sooooo proud of you!!!! Put a picture of you and your boys there on it and it won't look so empty! That's one of the things I have on mine!

kandy said...

Looks great!!! I have a lamp, alarm clock, tissues and my book. Most of the time but not always I have a cup or drink there too!!! but that is it on the nightstand!!!

Beast Mom said...

Mine is about to collapse bc of books. That's it, nothing else really. Just many, many books. :)

Crystal said...

Like the Beast Mom, mine is covered in books. My alarm clock is in peril of falling off. Guess I'll follow your example and clean it!