Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Have Done This Week

1. Applied for 2 jobs.

2. Dog sat for Laurel's son.

3. Cleaned my dining room table. (Huge chore - I am such a stacker/piler/saver)

4. Went on a date with Little S to see Gnomeo & Juliet. (cute movie and in 3-D)

5. Visited with my parents & grandma for the day.

6. Went on a date with my hubby and some really great friends.

7. Got fingerprinted for my FBI Clearances.

8. Applied for another 2 jobs. (The reason for the FBI Clearances)

9. Got my driver's license renewed and photo taken. (Does anyone ever look good in those pics?)

10. Tried 2 new recipes. (One from Pioneer Woman & One from Kraft)

11. Worked on Vacation Bible School stuff

12. Took a nap or two or ...

13. Went with Laurel to Pittsburgh for her treatment. (Always a fun time despite the circumstances)

What did you do this week?



Crystal said...

Oh! Charis and I really wanted to see Gnomeo and Juliet last weekend but they quit playing it here. :(

Wow on the job applications and clearances! I hope something works out for you! It's a tough market, but if they are fingerprinting you...that's a good sign. They aren't going to take the time to do that for everyone, right?

Becca said...

You have done a whole heck of a lot more than I have this week. The two of us are sicker than sick. He gave it to me, so I am a couple of days behind him..ugh, boy germs..good luck on the job front!

Laurel said...

Thanks for taking me to Pitt! It made to time go faster to be having fun!

Chris said...

Sounds like your dining room table looks like my desk. I'm cleaning mine as I type. Procrastinating is another talent of mine. :) Happy belated birthday!