Thursday, March 31, 2011


When it comes to indoor plants, I do not have a green thumb at fact it is almost black.

I have found that the only plant I can really take care of in the house is my Peace Lily. The reason I can handle this plant is you cannot over water it as they can live in just water. If it doesn't get enough water, it starts to droop. I just add some water and it perks right back up. What a horrible life for a plant. In fact if they had a humane society for plants, I would loose my rights to

My mum on the other hand can grow anything. Indoor or outdoor. She definitely has a green thumb. We grew up with tons of plants around the house. In fact when she remodeled her last house she had a whole plant section in the dining room. She had a cabinet built in and a grow light put in above. When she built the addition on to her new house she had a huge sun room put in and it is full of thriving plants. And the outside of the house is beautiful as well. It looks as if she had a professional landscaper come in and design everything. However they did it all themselves. I will have to share some pics this spring and summer.

So the other day my plant needed water (no it wasn't drooping this time) and as I went to move the leaves to water it, here is what I found:

Can you see those little seeds in there? You will never guess what they are or how they got there. Go ahead and guess....I'll stop back later and give you the answer.



Heidi said...

Oh, man, I have no idea what those could be! They look like popcorn kernals!

Chris said...

Looks like popcorn kernels to me.

Becca said...


Crystal said...

I'm afraid I have to go with popcorn kernels. :)

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that Little S put it in there whatever it might be but it does look like popcorn kernels.


Laurel said...

Is the bird getting rid of the seeds he doesn't like?