Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plant Answer

I guess I took the picture too close as everyone was right. It was popcorn kernels. There was only one suspect in my house that would have done that, so I asked him. Me - Little S did you put popcorn kernels in my plant? LS - Yes. Me - Why? LS - So that your plant would get more flowers and so I could grown a popcorn plant. Me - Where do you think Popcorn comes from? LS - Popcorn Tween and I were laughing and then he proceeded to explain to Little S where popcorn comes from. That kid just cracks me up sometimes. Stacy


Heidi said...

That's so funny! Kids really do/say the funniest things!

Laurel said...

Will have to find popcorn on the cob that you can cook in the microwave! He would love that!

Crystal said...

That totally made me smile. :) Cute!!