Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NYC Solution

Thank you for all of the feed back.

I may need to clarify a few things. The teacher that was in the room with them had just finished his student teaching at our school in the fall. He was invited along as he was teaching during the planning. He now works and lives in another school district in another state.

As for an adult sleeping in the same bed with my son, the student teacher isn't really that much older than him and is about the same age difference as he and his younger brother.

I do not have a problem with kids going on a sleepover to a friends house and them all hanging out and sleeping on the living room floor or bedroom, etc. Who really knows what goes on in hotel rooms and what could be on the floor.

I paid for a bed in a hotel room. They were there 2 nights and both nights he had to sleep on the floor. Had two people slept on the floor one night and they switched the second night I would have been a little more understanding.

Also everyone was given the option of paying an up charge to have their own bed. The student teacher and the other student did not take advantage of that.

After I have had a few weeks to cool off and several conversations with the teacher in charge and the principal this is the conclusion we have come to at this time.

** There will be a formal statement written in to all future trips that all students must be given a bed. Under no circumstances is anyone to be forced to sleep on the floor.

** Both of the students that slept on the floor will be given a formal apology by both the other student and the student teacher. (The student has apologized. The student teacher is not returning calls. I plan on continuing to pursue this.)

** Because the trip has already been paid for, the trip is over, and Tween never really said anything during the trip I cannot really recover any money. However, he will be given partial credit on a future trip that he takes.

Do you think that this is a fair conclusion?



Heidi said...

Yep, that sounds totally fair to me! I think it's good they're adding that wording for future trips.

Tracie said...

Yes, that sounds good. I think it's unfortunate that they have to add the wording at all because of this situation. I think it's great that your administration was willing to talk with you and make future changes to prevent this from happening again. Some administration wouldn't have. I hope that student teacher does not get a recomendation when he starts appling for jobs!

Jen said...

I am glad that you received a reasonable resolution to this! Hopefully, some other kid won't have to deal with the same situation on future school sponsored trips!

Tony said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Way to go Stacy!!! I'm glad you are going after the Student Teacher (He is most likely the one that instigated the arrangement). I personally would go to the ends of the earth to get him!!!! Proud of you Kiddo!!

Chris said...

Well done, Mum!