Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Not long ago I wrote a post about my car and all of the accidents and dings that had happened to it: Car

My car had finally hit the point where it was nickle and diming us on top of the fact that we still owed money on it. We were going to have to put a lot more money into it to pass inspection than what we would ever get out of it in the end. So hubby and I decided to start looking for a newer vehicle.

It was the end of the month when dealerships are looking to make a deal so I decided to start looking around. I wanted something different this time. I have been driving a minivan for many years now. I love the room and the third row seating, but so many Crossovers and SUV's now have the third row seating.

We looked at many different cars online and on lots. I decided that I really liked the Dodge Journey so I went to the local dealership as there was one listed on their website.

When I got to the dealership it did not have the third row seating that I wanted. And after looking at the lot model I decided that it just didn't have the roominess that I was looking for. I guess after driving and riding in a van for so long I have gotten used to all of the leg room and cabin space.

What they did have on the lot was an '08 Chrysler Town & Country Touring model. My last 2 vehicles were Chevy Ventures but Chevy no longer makes that model and neither of us cared for the newer Chevy Uplander.

As determined as I was not to get another van when I sat in the Chrysler I fell in love with it. It had so many of the newer features that we really liked. Among them Stow n Go seating, second row windows that go down not just pop out, deep drop trunk for more storage, separate driver/passenger/rear air controls, lots of storage, low mileage and so many other just little things that I really liked.

Here is a picture of our new car:

Ours is actually silver. We have had it for two weeks now and I just love it. I again feel comfortable driving my car. I am not afraid that it is going to break down or fall apart while I am on a trip or even just around here.

This is the first time I dealt with a dealership mostly on my own due to Hubby's work schedule and outside activities. I am proud of myself for getting them down almost $6K on the price and for being strong and not caving into their tactics.

The highlight of the whole deal was when I walked into the dealership with a check in hand and the title to my old vehicle and asked the salesman for an additional key. See they aren't keys so much as little computerized things. This is the key:The salesman balked and asked if I knew how much those cost and that he couldn't just give me another key. I looked at him and said "I have a check in my hand for that vehicle out there and I have the title to my old car. I can just as easily take this check and my car and go somewhere else. So if you are willing to lose a deal over a key then we are walking out the door."

My Hubby was so proud of me! The salesman hem hawed around a little more but when he realized I was completely serious he magically didn't have to special order a key after all and within 20 minutes I had a second key.

I have to give a shout out to our Credit Union because without them backing us, we would have never been able to afford a newer vehicle. I will never use a bank again. We have been with them for over 10 years and I have never had a problem with them. Plus it makes it so much easier to deal with car salesman when you are holding all of the cards and they are not looking at your credit telling you what you can and can't do.



Tracie said...

Ummm Stac, your post is missing! LOL

Crystal said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns! I know it can be tough sometimes. I am glad you like the town and country. We rented one last september. I loved the space (especially the storage) and the ride, but I have to say, be careful with the keys. The key we got was like the one in your picture and it wiggled out just far enough the van died. I'm sure they aren't all that bad, but just something to look out for. :)

You'll have to keep me updated on how it goes as we have been looking for a larger vehicle (we have two little Saturn sedans).

As for credit unions...I LOVE them! We never could have bought my husband's car without them and we have since gotten another loan at a much better rate than we would have at a regular bank.

I am so glad you have a vehicle you can rely on. That peace of mind is worth every penny!

Becca said...


But got a laugh out of these words..

"deep drop drunk"!


Vonnie said...

Good for you! My kids give us a hard time about still driving a minivan. I do like the room and all. When the time comes I guess we will look too but after driving them for almost 20 yrsI think I'll find it hard to switch.

Dory said...

Ohhhhh, very pretty!

Two weeks?? You've had it TWO weeks and are just now mentioning it?

Stacy said...

Told you I had lots to tell and no time to tell it...lol

Jeankfl said...

It's beautiful!! I'm starting to look at getting rid of my truck, because I can't take my scooter unless it's not raining! That's quite inconvenient!LOL I'm thinking about some van or something.. this looks good,too!! Glad you were a tough customer!

Chris said...

I want you to make my next vehicle purchase. Nice work!

Jen said...

Right on! I am proud of you too! Beautiful vehicle, by the way!

Tom said...

Well done Stacy. You do have to be prepared to walk if the dealer is not going to give you what you want.

There is nothing wrong with mini-vans. When I had one it was quite useful.

R U Serious?? said...

Hi Tracie!
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Take care,

R U Serious?? said...

Oops..... Stacey!!!!

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