Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tail Tale

Last week I had to take Tween to the doctor. While we were taken back to the room almost on time, we still had to sit in that room for a while until the doctor came in.

Anytime I know we are going to the doctors and know there is going to be a wait I try to make sure I have something in mind for Little S to do.
Many times we just play tic*tac*toe on the paper covering the exam table.
Sometimes I have him draw pictures. Above is his family and below are boxes with his favorites. SpongeBob, blowing bubbles, riding the slide, his cat, etc
And sometimes we have educational times. Like when we read Highlights (a timeless staple in every doctors office) and do the activities in it. Or I make up some little game or something.
Last week I decided to quiz him about where certain body parts are. I started out easy with eyes, nose, toes, etc. Then I got a little harder with eyebrows, thigh, shin, earlobe, etc. Once we got through those I started on some tough ones such as shoulder blade, gluteus maximus, phalanges etc.
We were having fun and laughing and then I asked him where his tailbone was. He got a puzzled look on his face and quite seriously told me: "Tailbone? I don't have a tail!" lol
The more I tried to explain it to him the more he thought I was just being silly. The kid cracks me up.


Shana said...

Such a cutie!

Crystal said...

Haha! I remember having a similar conversation with my parents many, many years ago. Some things never change. :)

Becca said...

Too cute!