Thursday, May 6, 2010

Question Bucket

Sorry for the lack of postings, this is a really busy week. I will be back shortly with lots of pictures and details. The good news is the busy stuff is mostly fun!

There is a lot of end of the school year stuff to get through as well. One thing that Teen is working on for his 'Life Skills' class is a Bucket List. He has to list 100 things he wants to achieve before he dies. He's got about 45. He is stuck and mostly everything I mention he has already added.

So think back to when you were a junior in high school and tell me a few things that perhaps your adult self has accomplished but something your 11th grade self would add to your list.



Vonnie said...

have a checking account

try different ethnic foods

travel to see _______

hike to ______

learn to drive a (car, boat, motorcycle, truck,...)
Hope he gets lots of ideas!

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness. I have made my own bucket list with only 50 items but I was well past eleventh grade. Hmm, being the romantic I've always been I know I would have said,

*Fall in love
*Visit ___ (in my case Venice, IT)
*Record a song (as in professionally-this may come from my love of music more than anything)
*Find a career I love (too many people aren't happy with what they do)
*Own my home
*Live debt free
I know there were, many, many more. Hopefully others will submit their lists and he'll get some great ideas! Good luck!

Becca said...

Try new ____
Read how _____
Sky dive?
Go to some far away place?
Race a car?
Win Powerball and give it all away?

Shannon said...

Run a marathon

Ride in a hot air balloon

Travel to all 50 states

See the Statue of Liberty

Be a grandparent

Write a book

Learn sign language

Take a ballroom dance class

beckie said...

go to college
fund raise
change a strangers flat tire
pay if forward
buy a unknown veteran lunch/dinner
dance in the rain
swim with the dolphins
scuba dive
jet ski
be kind to a stranger
help someone in need
make an anonymous donation