Friday, February 19, 2010


In the morning Hubby and Teen are head to Florida with the high school marching band and choir. The band is marching in the parade and the choir is singing at the castle. They are running almost non-stop from the time they hit the pavement on Sunday morning until they get back on the bus for home.

Now before you all go feeling bad that I am not getting to go, let me remind you that first of all I love the snow. You also won't feel bad for me when I tell you that they are riding a bus down. Hubby is going to be stuck on a bus full of teenagers for approximately 22 hours straight. Also after that 22 hour ride they go straight to Disney. No shower, no freshening up, nothing. Can you say - GROSS! lol

While they are gone, Tween, Little S and I are going to my mum's for a few days. They can't wait to go and play in the snow. We have snow here, but we only have about a foot. She has much more than us.

So if you could pray for traveling mercies for all of us over the next couple of days I would really appreciate it.



Becca said...

Have a great time at your mom's. I would not want to be on a bus for that long without really, really good headphones!

Dory said...

More snow than a foot??? Ick, yuck, and blecht. ;o)

Jen said...

Glad the boys made it safely to Orlando. I hope they have a marvelous time!