Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hubby's Away - Part 3

Sunday was a relatively quiet day. We hung at my parents most of the day, relaxed, watched a movie and munched. Then we headed home.

Monday I had grand plans. Get the boyz off to school. Walk around the store (any store) alone and without any type of time restraint. Then meet up with Laurel for lunch at Red Lobster for our birthdays.

The day started out fine. Tween got up and went to school. I dropped Little S off at school and headed into Hal-Mart (yes I know that is an H, should be an e next to it with an extra l). It was actually quite quiet at that time of the day. I picked up a few things and then headed to Starbucks with a rag-mag. I sat there and slowly and quietly read and sipped on a double chocolate chip frappuccino. It was so yummy and refreshing.

Laurel was still about a half hour out so I headed over to the craft store at the other end of the plaza and walked around it for a bit. I picked up a few things and Laurel met me over there. We found a couple of sheets of paper and things for the boyz scrapbooks that I just started.

Then we headed over to Red Lobster. Her birthday is the end of January and mine is the beginning of March so we decided to celebrate together. We sat down, order an appetizer and soda's and started chatting.

Then my phone rang. It was the school. I instantly thought that Tween was in trouble for his phone as he had text me earlier in the day. I wish it had been that simple.

It was the school nurse. Tween was in a tremendous amount of pain at his lower left abdomen. The nurse recommended that I come and get him and take him to the ER.

On the way to the school I called the church prayer chain and had them start praying.

By the time I got to the school Tween was double over in pain, crying and sweating, but he did not have a fever.

Being that it was lunch-time and the pediatrician is closed from noon to one I took him right to the ER. We sat there for 2 hours before they took us back. By the time they called him back, the pain was gone. While we were waiting I did call the pediatrician and they said to go ahead and stay as they would send us back up for blood work anyhow.

I did not call Hubby as I wasn't sure what was wrong and there was nothing he could do while he was in Florida except worry anyhow. Unfortunately, living in a small town and hubby having such a large family, word got to him. He was a little upset that I didn't call him, but really I didn't want him to worry until I knew something and it wasn't a life or death, he needs to hop on a plane situation.

Anyhow, all of his blood work came back fine and the pain was gone so they sent him home and told us to come back if it happened again. We still don't know what the pain was. The only thing the doctor said was that occasionally pain like that can be a precursor to an appendix problem. Even though it was on the other side. My mum had told me the same thing when I called her while in the waiting room.

One more thing happened while hubby was away, but for that you will have to wait until tomorrow.



Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! That is quite a weekend already! I would have been out of my mind! But you've made it through!

Becca said...

Oh my...could it have been a kidney stone? Did he go to the bathroom in the time that he was at the hospital? I hope that this doesn't happen again.

Big hugs!

Chris said...

I had my appendix taken out when I was 13. The pain had me doubled over so much that I couldn't stand straight. But mine was on the right side. He's probably too young for gall bladder problems. Just wish the drs had a chance to get to the bottom of it. It may sound bad, but I hope he either never has it again or has it again soon. Good luck w/ that.

You've got me riveted. Can't wait for tomorrow's installment of "The Perils of Mum!"