Monday, February 15, 2010

A Box

Last Friday we bought a new computer desk chair to replace the one we had with a broken wheel. It came in a nice size box and had to be put together. Once hubby got all of the parts out and was putting it together, Little S started playing with the box.

I see no problem with him playing with the box. He was using the extra pieces of cardboard out of the box to build a top across the flaps and was making himself a fort. I thought it was cute.

He then decided he wanted to sleep in the box. Apparently because we couldn't buy him the bed he wants. (Now let me add in here that he has a bed. A perfectly good bed. It is a bunk set that he shares with Tween.)

Saturday afternoon he was still happily playing with the box. In fact, he was having a grand old time. Hubby was getting upset and couldn't understand why he was so fascinated by a box. It was one of those lazy snowy kind of days and we all were just laying around and unbeknown to hubby, Little S crawled in the box and fell asleep. I thought it was cute. Hubby, not so much.

I remember when we were little and my parents would get a new appliance, we would play with the box for a few days. We would make it into all kinds of things and draw all over it.

I don't understand why he is so against him playing with a box. It's as if he is embarrassed that his son is playing with a box instead of toys. I think it is great he is using his imagination for a while.

Did you or would you ever let your kids play with a box?



Becca said...

A loved playing with the boxes that his toys came in. Have you asked him why he had an issue with it? If it keeps him entertained, I would be all for it.

BEK said...

We loved boxes!!! Especially when my parents got a new fridge! It was awesome! Tell hubby the box helps his son with imagination- something some kids are lacking!

Anonymous said...

And it can be used as a sled


Crystal said...

Boxes are the best! In fact, My MIL just sent some Valentine's Day gifts for the a good size box. We let them open their cards, and then their presents; but Alex was much more excited to have a box to play with. That always seems to be the case.

I think it's great they can use their imaginations to make it whatever they want it to be. He's learning he doesn't always need lots of material things to have good wholesome fun!

Vonnie said...

ALL THE TIME! Our 4 kids loved it when we got a big box in the house. And so did I. They played for hours. Using your imagination is a great way to be engaged in play and the creativity is wonderful.

Chris said...

I installed a dishwasher last weekend and saved the box because I KNEW I'd never hear the end of it if I threw it away.

Boxes are the best. I'm thinking everyone gets a box next Christmas. I can do my shopping behind Lowes. :)

meg said...

Chris, you crack me up!
Boxes have been regular play fodder in both our families from decades- my MIL reminises about box playhouses that lasted all summer (they were mostly wood back then). A child can literally build dream castles, forts, racecars, pirates' caves, & entertain their minds & bodies for hours ( a very healthy idea in my opinion!) We still keep them around for the cats to play in- we get very indignant looks if we throw them out without a replacement :-D

Laurel said...

I remember having a fridge box when I was a kid. I was probably older than Seth. My friend and i made it into a space ship. We played with it for days until it started to get pretty banged up. It was great. Tell T to get over it!!!!

Dory said...

For a while when we were kids, we lived near a furniture store. They'd go and install appliances and bring the boxes back to the store to dispose of. We'd go over and drag them home every chance we got! Loved, loved, loved playing in boxes.

My daughters have done just the same over the years. Great fun!