Saturday, February 27, 2010

Make A Difference

I stole this link from someone. I just had to share it. Take a moment and watch, I have a quick story after.

Teen and Tween both had Mrs. C for 3rd grade. Mrs. C is the most disorganized organized person you will ever meet. She is also one of those teachers that teach because they absolutely love the kids. I think just about her whole paycheck goes back into her classroom and her former kids.

At the beginning of the school year she has a picnic at her house for her new students. She had a pavillion built near the small lake on her property for just such gatherings.

Throughout the year she has the kids put on at least 3 different skits for their parents and friends. One of my favorites that they did was "Country Mouse, City Mouse". She doesn't just give one student the City Mouse part and one the Country Mouse part with all of the others as secondary characters. She has modified the play slightly and she has at least 3 kids for each part. The kids love it. And since they are only in 3rd grade they do not have the fear of speaking alone or forgetting their lines as they are with someone else.

Also throughout the whole school year she takes tons of pictures. TONS! At the end of the school year each of her students are presented with a scrapbook she made for them. Yes, each child gets their own individual scrapbook with comments and all from her.

After they leave her class, they are not forgotten. She continues to send each of the students she has had a birthday card until they graduate. And it isn't a simple card in the mail that she signed. She takes time and writes something to them in different colored ink throughout. Many times she sends little things in the card as well. Perhaps a few stickers or some confetti. One year she even sent each of them an extra card from her Alaskan cruise.

I certainly hope that when Little S is in 3rd grade that he has her as well. I may just have to go beg or bribe j/k


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Vonnie said...

That is a wonderful teacher in every sense of the word. I hope S gets to experience it too.