Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VBS Week

This will be a short week for posting as we have VBS going on. I am so stinkin' busy I can't stand it. I get up at 6:00 to get ready for work, work from 8-4:30, get home in time to pick up the boyz and head out to church. When I get home at night I have to update all of the PowerPoints for the opening and closing programs and find time to eat dinner while I am preparing for tomorrow. I get to bed about 11:30, and have been falling asleep by 1 or so. I expect to crash hard Friday night and sleep in on Saturday.

Just an update on Laurel. She came home today. Sadly, they determined that it was cancer again. The only good news is that it is still breast cancer. Yes, in her bowels. It is the same cancer, it has just spread. So she will recuperate for a few weeks and then start treatment again.

Sorry such a short post, but I have to get these PowerPoints done so I can get to bed before midnight!


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Rebekah said...

A prayer for you to keep your comings and goings straight and for Laurel to have strength. {{{hugs}}}